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Poll: Was Chris Rock’s SNL Freedom Tower bit funny or offensive?
SNL has this schizophrenic quality to it. The show can either be very funny at times – or a total letdown. And when it's good - or in some cases, crass - it's what everybody talks about the next day or so.
I don’t’ know if anyone made it through the Christie/Kaci Hickox bit but the stint that seems t…
Port Authority Delays Vote on 3 WTC Rebuilding
For the second time in as many months, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey on Wednesday postponed a vote on a financing deal to complete the 3 World Trade Center tower, an indication that the agency is still divided over how much it will commit to the long-delayed project.
CNN Employees Arrested for WTC Breach
Two CNN producers were accused of trying to breach security at the World Trade Center site and were arrested on Tuesday, a day after four men were arrested over a parachute jump off a trade center tower and a week after a teenage boy was accused of an unauthorized climb.
Port Authority Blasts WTC Naming Rights Sale
The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey on Wednesday called a deal that sold the World Trade Center's name rights to a nonprofit organization for $10 decades ago "a shameful episode" and vowed to cooperate with an anticipated investigation by New York's attorney gen…

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