NJ Lawmaker Demands Equal Pay For Women
Today is national ‘Equal Pay Day.’ One New Jersey legislator is calling for an end to the pay discrepancies that still plague women across America. She thinks having to ask for something that women so clearly deserve is ridiculous in the year 2013.
Women Jailed For Crimes Against Their Abusers Could Get Help
Women sentenced to prison for crimes against their abusers would be aided in making the transition back into the community through a program proposed by Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg. She sponsors a measure to establish the Supervised Community Reentry Program in the New Jersey Department …
Bogus Emails Confusing NJ Voters [AUDIO]
Spurred by false Internet reports, emails are spreading like wildfire containing incorrect information about what New Jersey voters need to do in order to be eligible to vote in next month's national election. Voting rights advocates are now trying to set the record straight.

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