Is the heatwave making you miss winter weather?
Remember last winter, when the snow was piling up wind-chills were dropping down into the single digits and you were freezing? Most Garden state residents were dreaming of hot, sunny weather, but now that we're in the middle of a heatwave, with hot, sunny weather predicted for the next several …
NJ snow removal funding could face 50 percent cut
As New Jerseyans brace for another winter storm Wednesday night. Gov. Chris Christie might be forecasting a milder winter next year. The governor's fiscal year 2016 $33.8 billion budget proposal calls for slashing the funding for snow removal by $44 million, a nearly 50 percent reduction.
Weather wreaks havoc on migraine sufferers
The weather has been constantly changing in New Jersey. From bitter cold to a 30-degree temperature spike to dry conditions followed by snow and rain, the fluctuations can wreak havoc on people who suffer with migraine headaches.

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