Whitney Houston

Do You Buy Merchandise Of Celebrities After They Die? [POLL]
Tunes, a music store in Hoboken says it all.  The store had such a crush of on-line orders it emptied the store of all Whitney Houston products leaving walk-in customers disappointed and empty handed.  Posthumous windfalls often follow a superstar's demise, and Whitney Houston&apo…
Whitney Houston’s Body Returns To NJ [VIDEO]
A plane carrying Whitney Houston's body has landed at Teterboro Airport and entered a hanger late Monday night.
WABC TV aired live video on its website of the plane as it made its approach around 10:35PM Monday night. It taxied slowly to a hanger as several cars followed along the runway and met…
C.R.E.A.M and The Final Goodbye To Whitney
Think there’s a little money to be made in this post-Whitney Age?
Consider this, if you will.
The company that owns the rights to her music, Sony Music, has been the subject of some criticism after they upped the price of her music on Apple’s iTunes store right after sh…

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