Where are you now?

Where Are You Now Recap: 12/16/12
A lot of people had off of school or work today for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which gave listeners the chance to call into the Dennis and Judi Show and tell everyone where they are now.  Dennis and Judi took calls from listeners this morning, as they usually do on a Monday morning, and asked …
Where Are You Now Recap: 12/12/11 [VIDEO]
Every Monday morning Dennis and Judi take the pulse of the nation by asking listeners where they are now. This Monday morning was no different. The hour was filled with calls from NJ 101.5 listeners who were eager to share to the world where they are now and what they are doing.
Where Are You Now Recap: December 5, 2011
The first Monday in December brought about another edition of "Where Are You Now?" on the Dennis and Judi Show. They started off the week like they always do by taking the pulse of the world and asking listeners..."Where are you now?"
Where Are You Now Recap: Nov 28th
Today during "Where Are You Now?"  Dennis and Judi received plenty of calls from listeners eager to share where they are now. Everything from a drill sergeant to a Red Cross volunteer called in this Monday morning.
Where Are You Now Recap: 11/21/11
"Where are you now?" is a great way to set the tone for the week and Dennis and Judi started the show off this week  like they do every Monday morning.  Dennis and Judi asked callers..Where are you now?
“Where Are You Now?” Recap 11/14
Once again, Dennis and Judi took the pulse of the nation and asked New Jersey 101.5 listeners where they are now and what they are doing.  As usual, there were a number of interesting calls from listeners who were spending their Monday morning partaking in various activities.
It’s Monday: Where are You Now?
Every Monday morning, we ask "where are you now?' and inevitably, Vinnie from Hazlet calls from his driveway, where he sits and smokes, listening to our show to escape his wife. It occured to Dennis and me, that if he dies of a smoking related disease we may be sued by the grieving wif…