What's So Great About the Garden State

Share Our Strength Tackles Childhood Hunger [VIDEO/AUDIO]
Share Our Strength was started in the mid-80s with a focus on fighting against global hunger and poverty. That focus has shifted in recent years to, instead, tackle childhood hunger in the United States, which affects 16 million kids.
What's so great about the Garden State...
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United Way Steps Up Sandy Relief Efforts [AUDIO]
As New Jerseyans continue on the road to recovery in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, the United Way is among many charitable organizations around the country that have stepped up their efforts to aid residents of our state and the rest of the battered region.
Connor’s House Provides Respite For Families [AUDIO]
In his 8 years of life, Connor Scott Millard was forced to tough out a myriad of medical issues until his premature death in 2007.
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The experience of caring for and losing a child with life-shortening illnesses led…
New Jersey Program Creates Path For Youth [AUDIO]
The Pan-American School of Sports continues to make huge strides in the Tri-State Area, helping to improve the quality of life for our youth.
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The program was started by Founder and Executive Director Franci…

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