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Bill Murray Makes Kickball Game 100% More Awesome
Bill Murray is known for having a good time at sporting events. The funnyman is always the highlight of the annual Pebble Beach Golf Tournament and his antics at Wrigley Field are the best thing that's happened to the Chicago Cubs in years. So it's little surprise that he'd …
You Can Now Go Swimming With Tiger Cubs
Florida, the state that brought us alligator wrestling, has a new aquatic activity you can participate in with a feared predator. Wild Things, a private zoo in Dade City, is now allowing its visitors 30 minutes in the pool with a tiger cub for $200.
College Student Returns $690 Million Check
Because his late father was an Air Force veteran, 22-year-old Allen Smith gets a check from the VA every month. The $650 helps pay his college expenses but, like many students, he could always use some more.
He got a lot more earlier this month, when he opened his VA check and was staring right at th…

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