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Listen to the Dumbest Caller in Talk Radio [VIDEO]
As Radio Hosts sometimes we stumble upon callers that, without knowing, become the highlight of our week. We found this clip from another show online and had no other thought but to thank the lucky stars that our Dennis and Judi listeners are smarter than this lady...
Brazilian Guy Shows Up at His Own Wake
Funerals are like those Lifetime movie marathons our women watch -- we hate them so much that a sturdy kick in the balls would be better than sitting through one. Unless of course said funeral is amped up with a couple of funeral strippers, in which case, awesome. Other than that, what else could po…
Beaverton Police Take Hamster Into Protective Custody
Pulling over a driver suspected of being impaired is unfortunately far too common for most police officers.
Having to take a hamster into protective custody, on the other hand, is somewhat outside the usual scope of police duty. And yet, in Beaverton, OR, they were called on to do just that.

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