Craig Allen’s Taco Meatballs
I'll just say that this dish is becoming a fast family favorite! (gotta love the alliteration).
I love spicy food...I love meatballs (as in spaghetti and)..so, this is a taste marriage made in heaven, as far as I am concerned!
Now, I'll share with YOU...
Craig Allen has a book for Big Joe
So, I'm walking through the library the other day, and this book on display caught my eye!
My first thought: Big Joe!
Of course!
"This book has Big Joe's name on it," I think to myself.
Not literally, as you can see...but I am sure that this book would grab his attention...
Happy New Year, New Jersey!
The label on the soda bottle says it all!
Happy 2017!
And...if you over did it a bit last night...crack open this jolly bottle!
The "fizzy water" may help "cure" that hangover!
Craig Allen dresses up for NJ’s Rockin’ Eve!
I've often said that radio is "theater of the mind."
Unless the studio TV cameras are on, feeding nj1015.com...you won't see us doing our jobs "on the air."
I could have come in tonight wearing a raggedy shirt and jeans, and, you'd be none the wiser, …

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