Craig Allen’s Halloween Costume revealed!
Halloween proper is not til tomorrow...but I am in "costume" while playing Jersey's Favorite Halloween Hits tonight!
So...what am I?
No...I am NOT any one of these people in particular.
And I am NOT a...flasher!
I got some good guesses, including: "groupie" and &…
Craig Allen asks: What is my Halloween Costume?
Here at New Jersey 101.5 we are celebrating Halloween by playing the "Monster Hits!"
And...I am in "costume" while playing Jersey's Favorite Halloween Hits tonight!
As you can see...I have chosen NOT to go with "Craig the Friendly Ghost" or th…
Craig Allen’s Fun Facts: “Modern Love”
David Bowie ROCKS!
Be he the "Ziggy Stardust" Bowie of the early to mid 1970's...
OR the Top-40 Radio/Pop Icon of the 1980's!
In this case, we're digging for "Fun Facts" from the latter...from the "Big Decade!"
"Modern Love&am…
Craig Allen’s Random Photos from Everyday Life
I have been saying it for years...thanks in part to writing "blogs" every week for my "Craig's List" page here on nj1015.com...my camera is always with me!
What I see...I like to share!
And, it occurs to me that we haven't taken an excursion into "…
Craig Allen’s Fun Facts: “Carry On Wayward Son”
The band "Kansas" formed in Topeka, Kansas in 1975...and our "Fun Facts" song saved the band from pop music obscurity!
Steve Walsh handled lead vocals and guitar, with Kerry Livgren on guitar and keyboards, Phil Ehart on drums, Robby Steinhardt on violin, Rich Will…

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