Watch Part 1 Of The Pix 11 Ghost Hunt With OCP [Video]
We're a day from Halloween, and while your little ghosts and goblins are out getting crazy off candy, paranormal investigators will be trying to speak with the dead. New York City reporter Dan Mannarino from PIX 11 joined the Ocean County Paranormal crew at one of our favorite haunts recently. …
WATCH: Holderness Family back with Halloween video
Last Christmas, the Holderness Family invaded your computers with their 'Christmas Jammies' video. In late August, they made a video sending their kids off to school to the tune of 'Baby Got Back.' Now they're back with a new video just in time for Halloween.
POLL: Do some Halloween decorations go too far?
It has become increasingly popular for people to decorate their homes for Halloween. In the past, homeowners would posts a few pictures of ghosts and ghouls in their windows, and place a pumpkin outside their house. Now, people are building large light displays, and some are even getting carried awa…

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