Do You Remember Chris Schenkel? [VIDEO]
On the show, Dennis and Judi discussed the three New Jersey women who are going to be inducted into the Somerset Hunterdon women's bowling hall of fame.  Legendary sports broadcaster Chris Schenkel was brought up, which sparked the question... Do you remember Chris Schenkel?
The King of TV Talk Shows Johnny Petillo [VIDEO]
Dennis discovered the King of TV talk shows 15 years ago! Now, thanks to the magic of technology and the wonder of You Tube...You, too can share in the magic and excitement that is Jersey's own Johnny Petillo!! Check out the video below.
5 Must Remember 80s TV Opening Themes
With "reality" dominating TV in 2012, gone is the art of the opening theme. The 80s were an awesome decade for credits. Whether it was the first few notes of a featured song or the unmistakable collage of characters, we instantly knew what we were watching...
Al Roker May Not Be So Nice After All [POLL/VIDEO]
A story out of the NY Post about "Today" show meteorologist Al Roker painted a different picture of Roker than he normally shows on TV.  Reportedly, Roker would not get up and move to a different seat on an American Airlines flight so Van Halen drummer Alex Van Halen could sit…

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