Trick or Treating

Has NJ banned Halloween for 2014?
If you happened to see an article floating around Facebook or your other social media sites saying that Governor Christie has banned Halloween in New Jersey for 2014 due to Ebola fears, here's the true story.
Watch Out for Trick-or-Treaters
This Thursday when you're on the road, cars and animals won't be the only thing you need to avoid. Expect dozens of monsters and zombies as well, as trick-or-treaters go door-to-door and block-to-block, looking for candy.
The Best Candy to Give Out on Halloween [LIST]
Trick-or-treating is fast approaching and it's time to stock up on the sweets for all of the visitors. Are you the cool house that gives away the whole candy bars? I certainly hope you're not the house that hands out pennies, pencils and apples...
Halloween 2013 Trick or Treat Events at NJ Malls
Bergen Town Center 
The Outlets at Bergen Town Center will be participating in mall-wide trick or treating on Halloween (10/31) beginning at 4pm while supplies last. | Bergen Town Center official site
Burlington Center Mall
Kids Carnival from 11:30 am to 4 pm on Halloween at JC Penney Court...