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Should Athletes Be Role Models? [POLL]
Tim Tebow addressed about 15,000 churchgoers at a service in Austin, Texas. Along with speaking about his faith, the New York Jets quarterback admonished athletes for not being better role models. This is an argument that has been going on since Charles Barkley played saying “A million guys can dunk…
Before ‘Tebowmania’ Began Tim Tebow Was Home Schooled
Tim Tebow had his press conference today to officially announce his arrival to the New York Jets.  New Jersey will surely be engulfed in Tebowmania for at least the next year while Tebow gets acclimated to life in the Tri-state area.  However, there is something about Tim Tebow, that may b…
Tim Tebow, Jersey Guy – How Long Till He Gives In [POLL]
Tough to imagine on a couple of levels.
First, Tim Tebow is a Jersey Guy...albeit 10 generations removed.

According to the NY Times, Tim Tebow can be traced to Andries Tebow, who sailed to the New World out of Bruges, Belgium.
Andries Tebow landed in New Amsterdam — later renamed New York — and settled…

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