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Is wind power good for the Jersey Shore? (Vote)
The New Jersey Supreme Court decided not to hear the appeal from Fisherman's Energy asking to put more wind turbines off the coast of Atlantic City, but leave it to the federal government to work against that common sense.
Show your appreciation to a coach you support
Coaches have received a lot of bad press lately, from Kyle Flood talking to a professor about an athlete's academic performance, to the high school coach who punched a player's mom. But it's important to recognize where people are doing things right, and today we invite you to do just…
Therapist says sexting will improve your relationship
An article by our own Dino Flammia had a list of topics that therapists say couples should discuss in order to avoid relational difficulties. It featured a script to make the talking less uncomfortable, but I found their suggestions pretty awkward, so I decided to get relational therapist Liz Mandel…

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