Texting While Driving

Watch What Can Happen When Texting and Driving [VIDEO]
Yesterday, Dennis and Judi talked to a caller who referenced a video on the internet of a car accident. Apparently, the driver who swerved and caused the crash in the video was either texting and driving or, at the very least, distracted while driving.  Keep reading to check out what happe…
Dennis and Judi Discover Poedubicky [AUDIO]
In a story by NJ 101.5's Dino Flammia, a survey conducted by State Farm showed that the same amount of teens are texting while driving now as in 2010.  What made this story entertaining for Dennis and Judi was the fact that the Acting Director of the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic …
Texting While Driving – R U 4 Stopping It?
Somerset County is kicking it up a notch in their fight to get people to put down their cell phones while driving. If you recall back in the fall we told you about a unique program there where people who were caught texting while driving were given a choice...
Distracted Driving Video
Somerset County has a new initiative to curb cell phone use while driving.  If caught you will either have to pay a fine or watch the video about the dangers of distraction.   The video can be found here.

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