Should NJ supermarkets be allowed to sell beer and liquor?
The battle to allow supermarkets in the Garden State to sell liquor and beer has been a long one and it is continues as 2015 comes to a close. Supporters said it would give consumer greater convenience and more options. Opponents said it would drive mom and pop liquor shops out of business.
Ditch the supermarket: These 3 companies deliver
Joseph Pisani of Associated Press filed this review of home grocery delivery services. Websites for all three, linked below, invite users to submit their zip codes to be notified when delivery services are expanded to their communities.

If you dread making supermarket runs, you're in luck.
Cherry Hill Looking to Sell Liquor in Supermarkets
Would you like to be able to buy liquor in a supermarket in New Jersey? You may be able to soon in Cherry Hill as officials are considering changes to the ordinance requiring liquor to be sold in a “stand alone” store or in a strip center with it’s own ent…