Super Bowl

Bruno Mars + Red Hot Chili Peppers = Train Wreck [POLL]
Let it be said henceforth: Bruno Mars is the Shiz---! (You fill in the rest.)
From the second he took the stage at Met Life for what turned out to be a boring Super Bowl finale, he was on fire!
Starting with “Locked Out of Heaven”, then sliding into “Treasure&CloseCur…
The Last 10 Years of Super Bowl Halftime Shows
This year marks the 10 year anniversary of the halftime show heard around the world. You remember the one. Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson invented the term "wardrobe malfunction," forever changing the future of halftime shows to come...
Greatest Football Movies of All Time [VIDEOS]
I just saw the egregious inclusion of Jerry Maguire in a list of great football movies. Jerry Maguire was a love story. The football was backdrop, almost in the same way as For Love Of The Game with Kevin Costner was a love story with baseball as only a backdrop...

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