Shark sightings off Cape Cod a boon for tourism
CHATHAM, Mass. (AP) -- In "Jaws," the fictional mayor tried to protect the summer tourism season by keeping a lid on reports of the man-eater lurking offshore. As sightings of great white sharks mount off Cape Cod in real life, however, businesses in the Massachusetts town of Chath…
More sharks in the water
A couple of recent sightings in New Jersey waters can serve as evidence for new research that cites a growing number of great white sharks along the East Coast.
Study: Great white shark numbers are surging
A report that scientists are calling one of the most comprehensive studies of great white sharks finds their numbers are surging in the ocean off the Eastern U.S. and Canada after decades of decline -- bad news if you're a seal, but something experts say shouldn't instill fear in beachgoer…
The Best Ways To Celebrate Shark Week
It's Shark Week on Discovery, that magical time of year when the interwebs go nuts about something most of us don't watch or care about the rest of the year.
However, should you want to partake in the trend without actually having to watch Shark After Dark/Sharkpocalypse/VooDoo Sharks -- al…

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