Senator Frank Lautenberg

NJ’s Sandy Recovery Plan Should Be Reviewed Pronto
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie released his proposed Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Disaster Recovery Action Plan on March 12. Today, he submitted the final plan for federal review. New Jersey’s two U.S. Senators want the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HU…
Newark Mayor Cory Booker Wants to Run – For Something [POLL/VIDEO]
“To Run or Not to Run…that is the question”…to adapt the great Shakespearian line to the question Newark Mayor Cory Booker ponders each and every day in the press.
To run, or not to run….for Governor in 2013 against Chris Christie, as I’m sure national Democrats are hoping, or for the Senate seat now…
Do You Feel that Ammo Sales Online Should be Restricted [POLL]
Something must have hit Senator Frank Lautenberg on the head, because, for once, it looks like he’s had a rare moment of clarity.
Although with this I agree.
The esteemed Senator is joining a group of lawmakers to restrict the online purchase of large rounds of ammunition; effectively banning pe…
Governor Christie – Where’s The Anger? [POLL]
No angry words from the Governor over the reports of Death Race 2012?
It’s likely he may have used it up for the war of words between himself and Senator Frank Lautenberg.
But the normally outspoken Governor not too outspoken about the reports of Death Race 2012 down the Garden State P…
Late Show Lineup For Tonight
Here's what's coming up on tonight's "Late Show with Jersey Guy Ray Rossi!",,,New Jersey’s only all live /all local/ all night show…with me, merely a guy with a microphone, a transmitter; and an internet connection.
Spreading the gospel of the …

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