Panel In Neptune Discusses School Safety [AUDIO]
Keeping children safe in the classroom is the top priority, but during a panel discussion on school safety in Neptune, law enforcement officials and educators stressed the importance of not succumbing to emotion and creating sustainable solutions that focus learning.
Report: Half Trillion Needed to Update Schools, Buildings
America's schools are in such disrepair that it would cost more than $270 billion just to get elementary and secondary buildings back to their original conditions and twice that to get them up to date, a report released Tuesday estimated. In a foreword to the report, former President Bill Clinton sa…
Are NJ’s Poorest Schools Getting Short-Changed? [AUDIO]
Yesterday, we were telling you how the head of the New Jersey Schools Development Authority - during testimony before a subcommittee in Trenton - told lawmakers the SDA has turned itself around, and is constructing and repairing more schools in disadvantaged neighborhoods than ever before.

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