Saturday Night Jersey 80's

Awesome 80s T-Shirts
There are so many ways to remember the gnarly decade of the 80s. Its music, pop culture and people. There's a cool site called and I stumbled upon some t-shirts that children of the 80s should look into adding to their collections.
What Twitter Would Have Looked Like in the 80s [VIDEO]
Technology has come a long way, even since the 80s. A text was something you lent your friend in English class. Skype was something you got from a one night stand. And a tweet was the sound a bird made. Have you ever wondered what Twitter would have looked like in the 80s?
5 of the Greatest Things Created in the 80s
There were many cool inventions that came out of the 80s. From pop culture to technology, music to toys. While my list of 5 may not have shaped the world, they are some awesome flashbacks that brought back a lot of memories.
80s Music Stars Then…And Now: Part 1 [PHOTOS/POLL]
They conquered the 1980s and beyond, but what are they doing and what do they look like present day? Take a look and don't forget to scroll down to take our poll and leave your comments! Here are your Saturday Night Jersey 80s Artists Then...and Now.

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