Sandy One Year Later

Sandy Memories From the NJ101.5 Programming Office [VIDEO]
Hi, it's Eric Johnson the Brand Manager of New Jersey 101.5.
I wanted to share with you some of my memories of Superstorm Sandy.  Thankfully, my home and the radio station are far enough inland where we did not sustain any damage.  I always feel bad for my wife as with each weather eve…
Sandy: Then And Now [SERIES]
The series "Sandy: Then And Now" looks at the damage left by Superstorm Sandy on New Jersey and how tourism, residents have worked towards recovering and improving the public's perception of the damage.
Sandy: Are We Ready? [SERIES]
As the one year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy approaches, New Jersey has made tremendous efforts to repair, rebuild, and prepare for another possible hit from a hurricane at some point in the future. In a five-part series we take a look at what would happen if the Garden State took another direct …
Sandy By The Numbers: Damage And Recovery
Superstorm Sandy flooded or dropped snow on much of the eastern U.S. on Oct. 29, 2012, becoming the nation's second-most expensive weather disaster at $65 billion and killing at least 182 people after claiming dozens of other lives in the Caribbean. New Jersey and New York were hardest hit, but…

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