Red Light Cameras

Cherry Hill caller fights red light cameras
Rick Short went before the town council in Cherry Hill last night to discuss the town's red light cameras. Rick had found evidence that the red light cameras in the town were flawed. Rick explains the evidence and what happened at the meeting...
Ex-Chicago Official Charged in Red-Light Program
Federal authorities Wednesday arrested a retired Chicago official who managed one of the nation's largest red-light camera programs, accusing him of accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, an Arizona condominium and other gifts to steer $124 million in city contracts to Phoenix-base…
Red Light Cams Criticized by Pohatcong Mayor
The mayor of Pohatcong Township, Warren County, announced Tuesday that his town will not be renewing its contract for red light cameras, and he urged the state to do away with the controversial program altogether.
New Places for Red Light Cameras?
Just when you thought it was safe to go back to an intersection, it seems a at least one state, found a new and inventive way to use red light "scameras" to their advantage.

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