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Yet another Jersey reality show?
Andy Warhol once said someday everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. Maybe he just meant everyone in New Jersey. There's talk of yet another Jersey based reality show. This time...Action Park.
Season 4 of  RHONJ continues in Chicago...
where some of the cast has assembled for the big wedding, and finds Jacqueline's husband Chris reading a magazine article about the girls entitled "I'm Terrified of Being Poor." Inside the article we are shown the words &…
Is Life Imitating (So-Called) Art at the Jersey Shore? [POLL]
The Real Housewives of NJ, The Jersey Shore and a handful of other so-called reality shows have painted a picture of inmates running the asylum in New Jersey. The drama that unfolds on these tv shows is nothing compared to the lunacy of the residents of New Jersey that may be trying to emulate them.
Fox29s Mike Jerrick Makes Fun of Kim Kardashian [VIDEO]
On the show today, Dennis mentioned the video of Fox29s Mike Jerrick making fun of Kim Kardashian.  Kim is in the news with her split to Kris Humphries and there are even rumors that the entire marriage was fake. Dennis felt Mike Jerrick making fun of Kim Kardashian was a rare moment when a tel…