President Obama

POLL: Do you support the President’s plan against ISIS?
If the beheadings of 2 American journalists and various reports of extreme brutality against ethnic minorities isn’t enough to spur us into action against the enemy known as ISIS - then what will?
God forbid it be another attack on the homeland – which is always on the minds of …
AP Analysis: Bergdahl Release Talks Had Wider Goal
The announcement that the U.S. government had secured the release of missing U.S. Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl and that it was freeing five senior Taliban figures from Guantanamo Bay has been portrayed first and foremost as a prisoner exchange. But the four-year history of secret dialogue that led to Saturday…
Obama: US Storm Aid Coming to Arkansas
Surveying the remnants of nature's destructive power in the country's midsection, President Barack Obama pledged Wednesday to residents of tornado-ravaged Arkansas communities that their government will stand with them until they finish rebuilding.
Obama Cites Progress at Civil Rights Summit
Barack Obama was 2 years old when Lyndon Baines Johnson sat in the East Room of the White House with Martin Luther King Jr. and signed the Civil Rights Act, putting an end to an America where schools, restaurants and water fountains were divided by race. Half a century later, the first black man to …

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