power outages

Power Outages – Tips to Stay Prepared
Power outages can occur at any time. In some cases, we are able to know if a power outage could strike, but most times we are unaware of when we will lose electricity. In cases like these, it’s important to be prepared for an outage, so that your chances of staying safe are increased…
Cable TV Customers Could Get Blackout Reimbursement Options
The Garden State is no stranger to strong storms that knock out power, and even if the lights do stay on the cable often goes out. A bill sponsored by State Sen. Linda Greenstein to give consumers greater choice when asking their cable television provider to reimburse them after a lengthy service ou…
Robot Planes Being Tested to Assess Power Outages [AUDIO]
Everyone involved in getting the lights back on after a storm such as Sandy will tell you a huge part of the work involves finding and assessing all of the downed power lines and damage to transformers. But we now have the technology to speed that process along.

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