Everyone’s Talking About Chris Christie
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"I don't care what they say as long as they talk about me." -- Tallulah Bankhead, actress
Scandals aside, the worse thing said about any political office seeker may be, "Never heard of him (or her)." This is something Chris Christie doesn'…
House Republicans Grapple with Immigration
House Republicans confronting the politically volatile issue of immigration are wrestling with what to do about those already here illegally, with most Republicans reluctant to endorse citizenship for 11 million unauthorized immigrants but also shying away from suggestions of deportation.
Left Lane Hog Bill Awaits Christie’s Signature
Legislation that will strengthen penalties for motorists who fail to keep right except when passing has gotten approval in both the State Senate and the General Assembly. It is on Gov. Chris Christie’s desk.
The bill raises the fine from a range of $50 - $200 to a range of $100 - $300…
NJ Cops Told to Enforce the “Overdose Prevention Act”
A statewide directive has been issued to law enforcement to ensure that police and prosecutors throughout New Jersey are well-informed regarding the requirements of the “Overdose Prevention Act” and fully comply with those requirements. The directive comes from acting Sta…

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