Sen. Budget Boss: NJ Needs Gas Tax Hike [POLL/AUDIO]
Job creation, not taxation, is the key to turning around New Jersey's struggling economy according to Paul Sarlo, chairman of the state Senate Budget Committee. But Sarlo feels that raising the gas tax is a must for improving the state's decaying roads and bridges.
Bridgegate Committee Plays Waiting Game [AUDIO]
The Select Committee on Investigation, the legislative panel looking into the Bridgegate scandal, continues to comb through thousands of documents while waiting for a judge to decide -- in a ruling expected soon -- if two key players will be forced to turn over subpoenaed information.
NJ is Taxing the Dead [AUDIO]
The transfer inheritance tax, one of New Jersey's oldest taxes, dates back to 1892. This 16 percent levy is applied when property is transferred outside a deceased resident's immediate family. Another so-called "death tax," the estate tax, is applied on property valued at more th…
Bridgegate Buzz Isn’t Over [AUDIO]
Gov. Chris Christie would prefer if Bridgegate were never mentioned again, but even with an internal report that clears the governor of any wrongdoing, the public probably won't forget about the controversy any time soon.

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