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Judge NJ police dog receives highest honor
This video is absolutely touching. Judge, a German Shepherd is a retired police dog in New Jersey who received the ultimate honor from the Woolwich Police Department.
Corporal Michael Franks made the heartbreaking decision to put Judge down after Judge's health slowly deteriorated due to Cushing…
WATCH: Jim Gearhart discusses ‘Dano’s Law’
Dano, the police dog who inspired Dano's Law, passed away on December 11th. Dano and Captain Tim Pino paid a visit to the Jim Gearhart Show last January. We extend our deepest sympathies to Captain Tim Pino and his law enforcement family.
Protecting NJ’s Law Enforcement Animals
A bill known as “Dano’s Law,” would upgrade the penalties for killing, maiming, inflicting harm, or interfering with an animal owned or used by a law enforcement agency or a search and rescue dog or for threatening to do so in New Jersey.