polar vortex

NJ’s Winter ‘Not That Bad’ [AUDIO]
Following a taste of spring this past weekend, the colder temperatures have returned to New Jersey. Maybe we shouldn't be complaining, though; the Garden State has experienced much colder winters than this one.
Benefits of Colder Weather? [AUDIO]
Check out the mood of your co-workers and family members, or scroll through your latest Facebook newsfeed, and you'll find almost everyone is already praying for the return of warmer weather.
Amazing Hot Water in the Air Test [VIDEO]
As we all deal with the polar vortex (aka) the really cold weather, we're seeing more and more videos of people throwing hot or even boiling water in the air to see what happens in the sub-zero temperatures. Most had no luck, but I did an experiment of my own outside of the radio station and yo…
Why Batteries Drain More Quickly In The Cold Weather
This morning as I was about to leave for work, I mentally crossed my fingers as I turned the key in the ignition. My car's battery is not that old, but with the temperature at 6 degrees and my car being out overnight, I knew even a brand new battery might have a problem. My car started with jus…