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Plastic bag fee is OK with most Princeton shoppers
Would you be willing to shell out an extra 10 to 25 cents for each plastic or paper bag you get at the supermarket? Officials in Princeton are considering a proposal to create a bag fee in their town, and it seems many residents think it's a good idea.
VOTE: Should there be a fee on plastic shopping bags?
Yes, we’ve been down this well-trodden road before.
The one over the use of plastic grocery bags and how injurious it is to the environment, etc.
Whereas, once upon a time, Mercer County voters had a ballot question asking whether or not a fee should be placed on using plastic bags – which, by the way…
Five Cent Plastic Bag Bill in N.J. Senate – Do We Need It? [POLL]
What would you do without the plastic bags you get from the supermarket?
How would you pick up after your dog? What would you use to carry your lunch?
They come in so handy…so it figures that the N.J. Senate would reintroduce a bill that would force stores to charge 15 cents for each plastic o…

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