Peyton Manning

Super Bowl Teams to Get Hit with ‘Jock Tax’
Sunday, as both the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks touched down in New Jersey for Super Bowl 48, they were welcomed into NJ with open arms. After the teams play on Super Sunday, NJ will have their hands in the players' pockets as they leave.
How Much Would You Spend to See Eli vs. Peyton Manning?
Are you ready for Manning Bowl III? How much would you pay to see it?
Tickets for this weeks Giants-Broncos game featuring the battle of the brother quarterbacks Eli and Peyton Manning are going for as much as $6,885 on StubHub,
More than 3,000 tickets to Sunday’s 4:25 p...
Pat Robertson Wishes Harm On Peyton Manning [VIDEO]
Luckily for us, Televangelist Pat Robertson is back in the news. This time, with his thoughts on the Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning situation. Robertson strongly stands by Tebow because of his strong Christian beliefs.
Towards the end of the video, Robertson says “And you just ask yourself, OK, P…

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