Deminski’s pets
Okay, so they're not really my pets. They're my kids' pets and my wife's pet. Yesterday I put up a poll question asking how many pets before you enter Looneyville, you know, crazy catlady status for example.
How many pets before you’re crazy?
I was stuck at a light behind this car over the weekend. Hey, at least she admits it. Most don't. There has to be a tipping point when just one more pet becomes a problem. I'm talking traditional pets like cats and dogs that have run of the house, not caged pets or pets in tanks.
The loss of Alfie, greatest dog ever
Almost 10 years ago, my wife rescued a little mixed breed dog that she named Alfie. The term 'rescue' has all but replaced 'adopt' in dog jargon and is usually overused. In this case, Alfie really was a rescued dog.

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