Penn State

Penn State Death Penalty – You Be the Judge [POLL]
Since sports always seems to defy any kind of moral compass, don’t you feel it’s time that a message is sent to the sports world in particular and to society a a whole? Handing down the death penalty to Penn State sends a message to the sports world know that this type of behavior that…
How Penn State Can Repair Its Image [VIDEO]
A scathing report accusing Penn State coach Joe Paterno and other top university officials of hiding what they knew about Jerry Sandusky's sexual abuse of children is another crippling blow to a school and football program already reeling from one of the worst scandals in sports history.
What f…
Penn State to Remodel “Sandusky Hot Spots”
Penn State plans to renovate the building where Jerry Sandusky sexually molested boys.
University spokesman David La Torre said Friday that Penn State plans to remodel the football shower and locker room area as a direct result of Sandusky's crimes...

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