Peaches and Herb

This Week in Music History
April 30th, 1976 – Keith Moon, drummer of The Who pays nine cab drivers to block-off a street in NYC so he could throw the contents of his hotel room out of the window.
This Weekend in Music History
May 3rd, 1968 - The Beach Boys opened their US tour on which the co-headliner was Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Half of the concert was Maharishi giving a lecture on spiritual regeneration.  The reaction from the audience was so negative over half the remaining tour dates were canceled.
This Day In Music History
May 5th
1956 - Elvis Presley's album, simply titled Elvis, becomes the first rock record to top the albums chart. Before the release of the album, Presley got into a fight with a gas station manager named Edd Hopper and was fined