3rd Grader Suspended for Snorting Smarties
A 3rd grade boy in Covington, Georgia was suspended from school for possession of banned objects. The banned object was the sugary disc candy known as Smarties. It wasn't so much the Smarties that was the eye opener here though. It was the fact that he wasn't eating them. He was snorting t…
Do You Have Clothing Arguments With Your Kids?
Am I alone in this? I go back to school shopping and get great stuff for my 6-year old little girl and my 8-year old son. I work hard to find a good variety, careful to make the stuff versatile so a certain shirt could go with a lot of different pants, etc., I do it within budget, and they have enou…
How Much Should the Tooth Fairy Leave for Kids?
How much does the tooth fairy leave under your child’s pillow? How much did she leave for you? Where I once got a quarter, my children get $20 per tooth. Who knew? Actually my wife did, but by the time she told me the tooth fairy had already come.

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