Should NJ Decriminalize Marijuana?
Assemblyman Reed Gusciora (D-Mercer) introduced bill A1465 which will decriminalize the possession of 15 grams or less of marijuana. Fines would range from $100 for first offense to $500. Should NJ decriminalize NJ?
I’ve Got Your ‘Numbnuts’ Right Here
Can you believe we’ve reached a point in a country based on freedom of speech and a state built on attitude that we’ve become afraid of words? Words don’t hurt anybody yet they’ve become a foundation of anti bullying laws. By the way, …
Name-calling Less Acceptable To Democrats? Really?
Check out this very interesting piece by Kevin McArdle. A Fairleigh-Dickinson University-Public Mind Poll was released today concerning people's view of political name-calling. Think Gov. Christie's "numbnuts" as a most recent example, or the even more recent &quo…