Giants’ Cruz will get catches under control
As if the Giants aren’t having enough problems this season with an 0-2 start, their number 1 receiver Victor Cruz is struggling. In Sunday’s game against the Cardinals the salsa dancing receiver dropped 3 consecutive balls that could have made the difference in the ga…
POLL: Were you hit as a child?
Does spanking or “whooping” your child really work as a punishment? If you were reared that way when you were growing up, did it work for you? Vikings running back Adrian Peterson , charged with injury to a child because he allegedly used a switch to spank his son, will b…
Caller Explains being an NFL player to Dennis and Michele
In the midst of discussing the Ray Rice case on Friday, Dennis and Michele got an anonymous call from a man that didn't want to give his identity but he said he is an NFL player.
After hearing one woman who painted the picture of the NFL being full of thugs and criminals, the anonymous player said he…
Vikings’ Adrian Peterson accused of child abuse
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- Star Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has been indicted in Texas on a charge of child abuse after using a branch to spank his son, and was swiftly benched by the team on Friday for this weekend's game against New England.
POLL: Ray Rice’s wife responds
So it turns out Ray Rice isn't the bad guy. It's all the rest of the world. His wife Janay, who took a punch from Ray Rice so hard in an Atlantic City elevator that it knocked her unconscious, has responded to the release of the elevator video and her husband's release from the Ravens…
Is it a dog pile on Ray Rice now?
By no means should Ray Rice be let off the hook for the horrible decisions he made on the night at February 15th at Revel Casino with his then fiancee Janay Palmer.  But has it become a dog pile on the former Rutgers and Ravens standout since more video surfaced showing Rice punching Palmer?

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