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POLL: Are you concerned about contracting Ebola?
I got my flu shot, I constantly wash my hands till they’re raw. All the things I’ve been told we need to do to prevent the spread of the dreaded Ebola virus – albeit minimal at best.
Yet last night, a West African passenger was sent to a University Hospital in Ne…
Newark Airport unveils passport kiosks
On her way from London to Ithaca, New York, through Newark Liberty Airport on Wednesday morning, Cindy Gration found herself spending more time talking about the new automated passport kiosk she'd just used than it took to use the machine itself.
It’s Not Just Newark
We just talked the other day about the near collision of two planes at Newark Airport, and now word comes that a similar scenario happened at Houston’s Bush Airport.
Port Authority Tackles Airport Noise
The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is planning to start a new program designed to tackle the problem of noise at area airports and the impact of that noise on nearby communities.

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