New Jersey Driving

New Study Reveals Worst Drivers in America
We always assume Jersey, Pennsylvania or New York have the worst drivers across the board because of what we experience on the roads everyday on the way to work. Does the rest of the country feel the same way? You'd be surprised.
Would You Want A Driverless Car? [POLL]
Google has been testing cars that drive themselves. All you have to do is ride in it. You don't have to step on the gas, brakes or manually use your turn signal to change lanes. The car does everything for you. So far in testing, there have been little to no incidents...
IQ Test For New Jersey Drivers
Both on air and online yesterday, people seem to be in favor of my idea to require an IQ test to obtain a New Jersey driver's license. Yes we realize we'll never really see this happen, but just for fun check out the online poll results here...
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