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Can the Economy Survive Winter? [AUDIO]
The snowy and very cold winter has put somewhat of a freeze on economic activity, but the effects shouldn't hurt most businesses in the long run. Once New Jersey and the rest of the nation begin to thaw, it's expected many affected businesses will see some of their losses recovered.
Divorced? How About a Party? [AUDIO]
It is becoming an increasingly popular trend: the divorce party. More and more newly single men and women are hosting elaborate bashes to celebrate the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.
Gas Prices Going Up [AUDIO]
It's that time of the year when prices at the pump begin to rise, and drivers may end up seeing the highest gas prices of the year by the end of this month.
Is the Economic Recovery Slowing? [AUDIO]
Many financial experts were predicting a strong economic bounceback at the beginning of 2014, but so far the job creation report has been disappointing, the stock market has been on a roller coaster ride and consumer spending has slowed.

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