Montreal Canadiens

Sisters harassed at NHL playoff game
Unfortunately, we never seem to run out of stories that depict sports fans as jerks. This time, it’s hockey fans in Montreal who wound up assaulting two young women who had the temerity to show up at the Bell Centre in Ottawa jerseys for the Canadiens vs. Senators playoff game.
Lundqvist’s Amazing Save [VIDEO]
Congrats to the New York Rangers for being somewhere they haven't been in 20 years. Hopefully you saw this live, but here's a slow-mo video of an amazing save by Henrik Lundqvist last night.
2014 NHL Playoffs: The Water Bottle Wars [VIDEO]
The 2014 NHL Playoffs have been nothing short of amazing with so many great series so far. The New York Rangers are involved in a heated series with the Pittsburgh Penguins. While the Boston Bruins are in the middle of a heated rivalry with the Montreal Canadiens. Both series have been tough and bot…
Would You Watch Hockey With No Fighting? [POLL]
I realize hockey isn't overwhelmingly popular in New Jersey, but it does have a sizable fan base. Many of those fans are discussing the role of fighting in the game in the wake of what happened in the Montreal Canadiens/Toronto Maple Leafs game the other night.