Mitt Romney

What Do Voters Look For During Debates? [POLL/AUDIO]
We are only a few weeks away from Election Day and at this point, most voters know what they're getting and have already made up their minds when it comes to President Barack Obama or Republican Candidate Mitt Romney. But, there is still about ten percent of the electorate that is willing to mo…
Obama Accuses Romney of Hiding Views
Mocking his Republican rival, President Barack Obama says Mitt Romney once described himself as "severely conservative." But these days, Obama says Romney is trying to convince voters he was, in Obama's words, "severely kidding."
Romney With Slight Lead Over Obama In New National Poll
A new Monmouth University Poll shows likely voters in this year’s national presidential race shows Mitt Romney with a nominal, but statistically insignificant, one point lead over Barack Obama. As a result of the first presidential debate, more U.S. voters feel they now have a b…

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