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Judge OKs Release of $2.2B to MF Global Customers
The judge overseeing the bankruptcy of MF Global has approved releasing $2.2 billion more in frozen funds to customers of the firm.
U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Martin Glenn issued an order Friday that clears the way for customers to regain some of their money...
Corzine Sings Same Old Tune
Former Governor Jon Corzine pretty much told Congress the same thing he told taxpayers as New Jersey's finances were in shambles: It's not my fault, it was like that when I got here.
Corzine Avoids The 5th, Testifies At House Panel [VIDEO]
He didn't plead the fifth as many expected. Jon Corzine made his first public remarks at a House committee hearing in Washington -- to explain how billions of dollars of customers money is missing after investment banking giant MF Global declared the 8th largest bankruptcy in history while he w…

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