A New Trend: Texting Gloves [PHOTO]
A listener called into the Dennis and Judi Show a few weeks ago and brought up a product that is sure to become a hit among consumers.  She mentioned that she bought a family member texting gloves.  That is right, gloves you can wear to keep your hands warm during the winter while also hav…
A Dennis and Judi Rap Song [AUDIO]
Proving once again that Dennis and Judi have the best listeners in the world, Johnny Rea aka White Shark made a rap song for the Dennis and Judi Show! Listen to Johnny Rea's Dennis and Judi rap song below.
Returning Christmas Gifts
It's the week after Christmas and it's time for people to return their Christmas gifts.  A lot of people have already returned their gifts, which raises the question, how bad must a gift be that it has to be returned the next day?
A Dennis and Judi Christmas Letter [PHOTO]
The power of the Dennis and Judi Show is on display this holiday season. Simply by announcing on air for listeners to send their mail to Greg the Fisherman (a loyal Dennis and Judi listener) using the Barnegat Light post office as an address, Christmas cards and letters arrived for Greg. Including t…
The Top Toys This Holiday Season
On the show today Dennis and Judi asked listeners what toys were the most in demand by their children.  There were plenty of different toys that listeners called in with, but one toy was the most in demand according to NJ 101.5 listeners. Find out which toy below.
A Look Into The Future of Clean Energy
Today on the show we talked about hybrid cars and the new light bulbs and how to be green and still not pollute the planet "long term". We got a call from one of our favorite listeners, Mike Strizki who is involved in hydrogen technology, clean energy.
Is This Map of NJ Offensive? [AUDIO/POLL]
The map of New Jersey (below) created by former Rutgers student Joe Steinfeld has created quite a stir among New Jersey residents. So much so, that Steinfeld's mom called into the Dennis and Judi Show to tell everyone that her son meant no harm when he created the map (audio of call b…
“Strummin For A Cure”: A Concert Helping the JDRF
Tim, a NJ 101.5 listener and high school junior in Livingston is putting on a concert at the Livingston High School Auditorium on January 7th from 5:30pm to 9pm. Tim has Type 1 Diabetes and the proceeds of the concert will be going to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

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