lawn mower

Time to cut the grass
I don't know about you, and your yard, but I have found this summer (that technically ends on the calendar tomorrow), that I have to cut my grass every few least once a week, or it looks "bad."
It’s Time To Cut The Grass [PHOTOS]
I think its safe to say...that Spring is (finally) stay!
And, that means its time to get the lawnmower out...and get cutting!
In between the rain showers, that is... ( BTW: if April Showers bring May Flowers...and the Mayflower brings Pilgrims...May Showers bring....what? RUST?).
Tractor Race 2012!
I can almost feel the earth shake...and can anticipate the thunderous roar, upon the words: "Start your engines!"
The Big Joke Of The Day
Well a man in Iowa has been arrested for driving down the highway drunk while riding on his lawn mower...police have identified the man as John Deere...