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Last Week (03-12-12) On The Jim Gearhart Show
1. Trenton has a toilet paper shortage.
2. Road rage bill moves a step closer.
3. Bill would limit overseas job outsourcing.
4. Undocumented immigrant gets 155 years for Newark school yard killing.
5. Have anti-bullying laws gone too far...
Last Week (03-05-12) on The Jim Gearhart Show
1.  New Jersey's forgot icons.
2.  Is there a malfunctioning traffic signal that annoys you on your commute?
3.  What is the definition of a bad teacher?
4.  Most dangerous road for pedestrians in New Jersey.
5.  New Jersey's anti-bullying law moves forward...
Last Week (02-27-2012) on The Jim Gearhart Show
1.  BOHICA, Gas prices on the rise.
2.  Will Jackson be the next home to medical marijuana?
3.  62% of New Jersey residents are satisfied with life in the great garden state.
4.   Should taxpayers be informed of  the reason a school administrator is suspended
Last Week (02-20-12) on The Jim Gearhart Show
1. Gas Prices are on the rise...again.
2. The debate over increasing minimum wage in  New Jersey.
3. Red light cameras: Are they  about safety or revenue?
4. In light of the tragic Chesterfield School bus accident; Should it be mandatory for children to wear seat belts on school buses...
Last Week (02-13-12) on The Jim Gearhart Show
1. School bus crash devastates Chesterfield, Burlington County, leaving one child dead and three in critical conditon.
2. Will dashboard technology be a thing of the past?
3. Gas Prices are on the rise; heading toward four dollars...
Last Week (01-30-2012) on The Jim Gearhart Show
1. Puxatawny Phil predicts 6 more weeks of winter.
2. Proposed, stricter cell phone penalities.
3. Many are amused by Governor Christie's name calling.
4. Gay Marriage remains a very emotional topic for many NJ residents, and an on-going battle for the legislature...
Last Week (01-23-12) on The Jim Gearhart Show
1. Jon Stewart shows the reality of media bias.
2. A new way to stop crime before it happens.
3. Parents may be the biggest problem in education.
4. John Ray Wilson, MS patient charged with growing marijuna,  reports to prison...

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