How to Keep Kids Safe During Halloween
Halloween is a favorite holiday for kids; it's the one day of the year when you can get dressed up and ask other people for candy. As fun as Halloween is, it's a good idea for parents to encourage kids to practice safe habits when trick or treating. Here are some safety tips to keep in min…
Halloween 2013 Trick or Treat Events at NJ Malls
Bergen Town Center 
The Outlets at Bergen Town Center will be participating in mall-wide trick or treating on Halloween (10/31) beginning at 4pm while supplies last. | Bergen Town Center official site
Burlington Center Mall
Kids Carnival from 11:30 am to 4 pm on Halloween at JC Penney Court...
How Much Should the Tooth Fairy Leave for Kids?
How much does the tooth fairy leave under your child’s pillow? How much did she leave for you? Where I once got a quarter, my children get $20 per tooth. Who knew? Actually my wife did, but by the time she told me the tooth fairy had already come.

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