Is going off to college scarier for kids or parents?
Freshman year of college can be an exciting and scary milestone in a student's life. Most kids going away to school don't realize that their parents are just as scared as their kids are. Some parents may even be more worried about the start of college than their children are.
Parents Post Hilarious ‘Kid Shaming’ Photos
Sometimes it's not easy being a parent. Kids, especially infants, do silly, inconvenient things, and don't understand how their actions are affecting their parents, because they don't know any better. Wouldn't it be great if there were some way they could be held accountable?
Do Kids Still Shovel to Make Money? [POLL]
When Governor Christie talked about how expensive it was for New Jersey to clean up all the snow we’ve been having, my thought was ‘Couldn’t we find a kid to do that?  That’s because when I was a kid, snow for me was a windfall. But nowadays…

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